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45th Annual Young Artist Awards

2023 will give way to a LOT of projects featuring actors that qualify for the 45th Annual Young Artist Awards. Because of the flood of submissions that we know we will receive for these awards AND because they take us so long to create, we decided to get a jump on submissions so that everyone that wants to be sponsored and entered will have plenty of time to do so-- And we will have plenty o f time to create their entries. If there is a child that you want to submit, please click the link below their photo. Each sponsorship costs $175. Thank you!



The entire ensemble cast of kids under the age of 18 are eligible for the Young Artists Academy Award for Outstanding Ensemble. Because of how important every single child was in this film (yes, even the "extras," we want to list all of them as part of the ensemble for this award. However, that means that each child must be sponsored in order to receive said award. Any child that is sponsored from the above link will also be automatically sponsored for the ensemble award so that they don't have to pay twice. Kids on the list below can be sponsored for the ensemble award and will be invited to the Young Artist Academy Awards in 2024 if PRANK SQUAD receives a nomination in the Ensemble Category. At this time, that also means that the children nominated will receive a free ticket to attend the awards in Los Angeles during the Fall of 2024. (Travel and accommodations not included, and the child must be accompanied by an adult if they are under the age of 18.) Whether the child attends the awards or not, they will still have the opportunity to purchase a statuette-- As long as they have been sponsored as a part of the PRANK SQUAD ensemble cast. This is the most expensive entry fee, but Gemelli Films will keep each entry the same cost in hopes that we get enough people submitted to at least offset the total fee that Gemelli will be charged to enter. Any actor's name in bold below means that they have been sponsored to be a part of the Ensemble award. 

The children in bold below have been sponsored and will receive a complimentary statuette if PRANK SQUAD wins for best ensemble. The young artists that would be recognized if PRANK SQUAD is nominated or wins are:


Madison Ross, Aidan Scott, Catherine Cain, Sailor Ross, Charles Cain, Jennifer Hall,

Josh Ferguson, Joe Fallon, Olivia LudwigAlexandra Sepulveda, Arianna Zeldin, 

Mikayla Zeldin, Lily Ferguson, Samantha Ragonese, Chayse Ragonese, Shannon Scott, 

Bailey Rose De Lauter


Gabriel Beta, Ceci Bransford, Brooke Capuano, Jackson Cosgrove, Katie Davis, Declan Fabian, Logan Fabian, Brayden Hochmuth, Colton Kraese, Andrew LaPlante III, James Martino, Kate McQuade, Madison McQuade, Daisy O’Neill, John O’Neill, Madison Palifka, Quentin E. Palifka, Victoria Rizzi, Anderson Ross, Samantha Rozza, Sage Samuel, Ella Schoeppler, Marygrace Sinacori, Sarah Sinacori, Matthew Stallone, Molly Stallone, Emma Weismiller, Alexa Yuhas, Gabrielle Yuhas, Jaylynn Alvear-Sherman, Mariella Batista, Allison Belyea, Angelina Gramarossa, Kylie S. MacDonald, Juliana Ott, Madison Roe, Isabelle Weber


Madison Ross as Ghost Girl

Madison Ross is the only child that appeared in the film A DREAM HOUSE. Maddie played the role of Ghost Girl and did her own stunts, including getting choked! Since Maddie was 12 years old when A DREAM HOUSE was in production, she will be in the category of Supporting Young Artist in a Streaming Film.

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