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When it's Awards Season...

All of Gemelli Films projects qualify for entry into al sorts of different awards during what is known as "Awards Season." This "season" usually encompasses the Emmys, Oscars and Golden Globes, but there are also lots of awards that aren't necessarily mainstream. These awards include the Gracie Awards, Critics Choice Awards, Young Artist Awards, Movieguide Awards and so many others. Unfortunately, the majority of these awards cost hundreds of dollars to enter, and Gemelli Films just can't cover the cost to enter every person from every project. We are offering you the opportunity to sponsor a project or person for the awards that they qualify for. Just click on the poster below and see who and what you can sponsor. If you'd like, we can keep it anonymous, or we can thank you for your sponsorship on the site. Just let us know when you process the sponsorship. Thanks!

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