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Santa's Second Wife

How Anna Met Candy

Anna Zap is best known as an outgoing morning show host on The Anna & Raven Show. For years, Anna has had an idea for a Hallmark-style Christmas movie, which she has been trying to get into production. After talking about her dream Christmas film on her show, several listeners put her in touch with a film company that specializes in Christmas movies.

​Candice “Candy” Cain is the founder of Gemelli Films in New York, and has written, directed and produced quite a lot of projects since November, 2017. She is a content partner with Pure Flix. Her films and series can be seen all over the world through distributors such as UPtv, New Faith Network and many others.

After Anna and Raven interviewed Candy on their morning show, Candy made it her mission to write a fantastic Christmas film to be released for Christmas 2022. Candy and Anna are working together to make this dream a reality.

The Plot

Santa and Mrs. Claus are going through a rough patch. After 1,721 years or being together, Mrs. Claus tells Santa she wants a divorce. Santa reminds Jessica that once they sign the divorce decree, they return to their younger selves. Saddened by the decision thrust upon him, Santa agrees and signs the divorce papers and goes to bed. Jessica signs the papers and becomes young and gorgeous, then leaves.

Thousands of miles away in New York, widow Neve Pine balances raising her three children with her work from home job as a product tester. Since she’s been single for six years, her kids think it’s time to start dating.

Of course, Neve and Santa end up dating, brought together by her children and his elves. Only, Neve doesn’t know that Nick is actually the REAL Santa Claus.

Somehow, with a little help from the elves and children, plus a whole lotta love, Nick and Neve figure out how to be together, sharing their love for Christmas and family.

How We'll Make It

Candy already has an experienced crew and distribution lined up, not to mention connections with hundreds of actors. The main thing that this project needs is funding. That's where you come in.

We are offering opportunities to place products, integrate businesses, sponsor a variety of items , purchase different experiences and just plain donate. Everyone that participates to help this film get up and running will receive a credit at the end of the film, as well as on the IMDb. 

Please explore our website to see how you can be a part of it all.

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