Jon Hacker as Jessie McNeil

Taryn Hacker as Maggie O'Shea

Mike Rob as Jimmy Capernaum

Anthony Pallino as John Potter

Al Pagano as Joe McNeil

Shelby Putlak as Lydia Potter

Connor Kopko as Russ O'Shea

Catherine Cain as Martha O'Shea

Monika Mannix as Bethany O'Shea

Gervase Peterson as Uncle Vic

Melanie Little as Aunt Rosie

Sean Mannix as Levi Knight

Cody Calafiore as Jude Kerioth

Kerry Mannix as Simone Peters

Cara Maria Sorbello as Lucy Horton

Candice T. Cook as Aurora Horton

Anthony Wilcox as Mr. Lenord

Jeff Timmons as 911 Dispatcher

Stefanie Bloom as Betty Caruso

Taytem Thomas as Laudine

Here are some of the items that were worn and used in the first season of "Welcome to Hope." Get your hands on them before the show starts streaming on PureFlix this August! Each item comes with a signed certificate of authenticity.


Lucy's Sweater (Cara Maria Sorbello)

Lucy Horton, played by Cara Maria Sorbello, is the ex-girlfriend of Jessie McNeil. In the very first episode, Lucy runs into Jessie on her way to meet her friend, Allison. Lucy is looking a little less than glam in an oversized sweater and a pair of jeans. The sweater, made by Blue Buttercup, is blue with orange and black spots with a frayed neckline and sleeves. It is a size small. Cara Maria wore only one of these sweaters, which you see pictured here. $75 including shipping.