Short Films

Short films have been trending over the past few years. Audiences have become familiar with short films thanks to the Pixar shorts released before Pixar feature films. Short films can be seen in all genres. That's why we offer a variety of subcategories. All of the short films that are entered into the Short Film Competition will be considered for release on Prime Video. All semi-finalists will be screened at the South Shore Film Fest Short Film Screening on July 27, 2019. All finalists will have their short film released on Amazon Prime Video Direct, should they be accepted by the platform and provide all required deliverables for release.  

Only two submissions for short film were received. The finalists are as follows:

"Letting Go" by Malcolm Ellis                         "The Rest of My Life" by William LiPera

The superlative award nominees for the short film category are as follows:

Best Director:      Malcolm Ellis, "Letting Go"                   William LiPera, "The Rest of My Life"

Best Writer:     Michelle Morgan, "Letting Go"                William LiPera, "The Rest of My Life"

Best Lead Actress:               Jamie Ragusa as Sarah Littlefield in "The Rest of My Life"

                                                   Michelle Morgan as Marlie in "Letting Go"

Best Lead Actor:                   Gavin McDougall as Phil in "Letting Go"

                                                  Joe Walz as Brian Becker in "The Rest of My Life"

Best Supporting Actress:  Taylor Burrowes as Amy in "Letting Go"

                                                   Leilani McKiernan as Sienna in "Letting Go"

                                                   Mizan Kirby as Dr. Williamson in  "The Rest of My Life"

Best Supporting Actor:      Kai McKiernan as Baylor in "Letting Go"                                                   

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