Gemelli Films

About Us

Gemelli Films Incorporated is an all-female, independent production company, based in Brookhaven, NY. Gemelli's first film "What Happened Last Night" was released by SONY in 2017. Their first series, "New Dogs, Old Tricks," was released on Amazon on September 28, 2018.

After receiving distribution from SONY for their film and via Amazon for their series, Gemelli Films decided to open their own arm of distribution. Since being formed in 2015, Gemelli Films has been established as a reliable source for entertaining content across genres.

The Team

The Women of Gemelli

Jessica Tedaldi-Rund

Key Makeup Artist

One of the most talented Makeup Artists on Long Island, Jessica heads Gemelli's Makeup Department.

Michelle Perry

Key Hair Stylist

Michelle owns Jon Michele Hair Designs, and runs Gemelli's Hair Department.

Alena Berenblatt

Wardrobe Supervisor

Alena is responsible for all wardrobe choices and care in every Gemelli production.

Amy Minter

Executive Producer

Amy is a no-nonsense business woman that is a seasoned producer in a variety of mediums. Amy is involved in every Gemelli Film project.

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