The Screenplay Competition is the most important competition to the founder of the South Shore Film Festival, Candice Cain. As a published playwright and produced screenwriter, Cain makes sure that all of the entered screenplays receive written feedback and their scorecards. Furthermore, Cain considers all of the entrants for a potential production by Gemelli Films. That's right-- all of the entered screenplays have the chance to be optioned!

RULES: There are three (3) subcategories: short film (1-80 pages); feature film (81+ pages); episodic (22 - 60 pages). The cost to enter the Screenplay Competition is $30, regardless of subcategory entered. Winner need not be present.

PRIZES: Each subcategory winner will receive a certificate. The Overall Winner will receive a $50 Visa gift card and a statuette. The screenplay awards will be announced before the feature film finals.

TO ENTER: Click the button below. It is recommended that you copyright and/or register your work with the WGA before submitting.

DEADLINE: June 30, 2019

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