Commercials are a mainstay of television, even with DVR fast-forwarding. Commercials act as the bumpers for "commercial free" streaming services, not interrupting a show but being mandatory for viewers to watch before accessing the content that they want. Many companies are known for their terrific commercials: Farmers Insurance, Geico, Doritos,  AllState... What about you? Did you create an awesome commercial that elicits a great reaction from viewers? Enter it into our Commercials Competition.

RULES: Commercials must be 30 - 90 seconds long.. The cost to enter the Commercial Competition is $15. Winner need not be present. Commercial can be already released, or wait for premiere with South Shore Film Fest. Winner will receive a statuette. Since there were less than three entries, there is no cash prize this year.

You can watch the winning commercial here:

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